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  • Are you an accreditation officer or in charge of recognition of foreign qualifications?
  • Is your organization working on university exchanges, study abroad programmes and internationalization of higher education?
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The RecoNow project aims at improving and increasing the quality of student mobility within Middle Eastern and European higher education systems. The project tackles poor recognition of foreign qualifications as one of the main challenges that hinder international student mobility. Specific expertise in the credential evaluation field, access to official, comprehensive and focused information on different HE systems, study programmes, institutions and their recognition procedures, are among the key issues to be improved in order to guarantee smooth recognition procedures and to foster cross-border student mobility.

This is the target of the RecoNow project, that runs from December 2013 until May 2016 in the framework of the Tempus Programme.

Main project activities:

  • Organization of a blended course for government officials from Jordan and Palestine to provide them with the knowledge of EU higher education systems, to understand recognition practices and to increase their skills to develop and run National Recognition Centres.
  • Elaboration of National Reports focusing on education systems in Jordan and Palestine, on Higher Education Institutions, their programmes and qualifications in these countries with the aim of facilitating the circulation of clear and complete information, useful both to recognition officers and students.
  • Organization of a training for university staff from Jordanian and Palestinian universities to foster their capacity to carry out academic recognition procedures in order to put in place effective University Recognition Centres and to increase the cooperation among universities on higher education issues.
  • Elaboration of guidelines for evaluating non-traditional, trans-national education and distance learning institutions and their qualifications in order to foster up-to-date recognition practices that can be applied even to latest and cutting-edge education methods.
  • Promotion and sharing of the project final results through a publication that will be presented during two international conferences that take place in the first half of the year 2016, in Jordan and in Italy.

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The RecoNow project activities will lead in the long run to the improvement of recognition and accreditation of foreign qualifications of students that studied abroad, especially in the framework of mobility for study within Middle Eastern and European higher education systems.

During the project life, the partners worked together in order to: foster access to official and comprehensive information on different HE systems, encourage the application of the Lisbon Recognition Convention procedures and of the Bologna Mobility Tools, implement good practices and methodologies for smooth recognition of foreign diplomas and transcripts.

The main project outputs are presented during the project's final conferences in Jordan and Italy. Among these, National Reports on the education systems in Jordan and Palestine have been developed by the project partners. The Reports describe Jordanian and Palestinian Higher Education Institutions, their programmes and qualifications with the aim to facilitate the circulation of clear and complete information, useful for admissions officers, credential evaluators and students willing to participate in study abroad experiences.

please find the Arabic version here

please find the Arabic version here

Project outputs concerning Transnational Education: