An-najah National University, Palestine

an-najah national university

Acronym: ANNU

An-Najah National University is the largest university in Palestine and the most advanced in various domains. The University hosts a great number of qualified academic and administrative staff whose hard work ensures the continued advancement of the university. As a result of the coordinated efforts of An-Najah’s employees, the university has achieved a unique academic record in its international classification on the Webometrics Website.

The University was ranked first among national universities, sixth among Arab universities, and amongst the best 4% in the world, of all universities evaluated. An-Najah National University is a fully independent, non-governmental university, run by the Board of Trustees and the University President.

The University Administration is composed of the University President, Assistant and Vice Presidents, University and Deans Council, Administrative Departments, and the University Controller. Our Faculties are divided into academic departments.